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About us.

We were founded in 2006 at The King's School, Canterbury, so that young people could conduct original research and have this published in a peer-reviewed journal. What started as an afternoon activity has grown into a thriving ecosystem of young scientists around the world sharing their own insights and passions from the world of science.

The Young Scientists Journal has had over 1.5 million visits.

We are an international peer-reviewed science journal, connecting students from over 50 countries. We have been the vehicle of choice for many in getting their work published. We are run by young people, for young people, and are registered by the UK Government's Charity Commission. 

Join the team


The Young Scientists Journal is made up of several departments that work together to publish articles, share research, organise conferences and so much more. 

People that you meet in the YSJ become great friends and colleagues that last a lifetime and open numerous doors in the future.


Articles are peer reviewed by the student editorial team, covering 11 different subjects.  An academic advisor, with experience in the subject, will then validate its findings. 


Our production team publishes articles throughout the website. Production produces our annual print issue which is distributed nationally. Artists curate pieces for the Journal, whilst content creators write original blogs for the website. The podcast team interviews individuals globally. Our technology team evolves back-end technology to power our infrastructure. 


The Marketing team operates all of our social networks. They form original content, which connects with over 1000 people. The Newsletter distributes though-provoking material for our members.


Our Outreach Team is busy setting up local hubs throughout the world. They setup our conference each year and fund raise for us. Witness the incredible work they do below.  

Human Resources

Our HR department plays a crucial role in fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment. They handle recruitment, ensuring the journal attracts diverse talent, manage member relations, and support professional development. Additionally, HR facilitates effective communication and ensures adherence to ethical standards within our community.


Our art department is pivotal for visually communicating complex concepts. Responsible for diagrams and journal covers, they blend artistic flair with scientific precision, creating compelling visuals that enhance understanding. Their role extends to maintaining a cohesive visual identity, ensuring the journal's aesthetic reflects scholarly excellence.

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