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Make your mark on the world of science


Types of articles

  • Original Research: Scientific investigation which has never been done before

  • Review Articles: A summary and your take on the research done, drawing from previously published articles and papers.

  • Blog or Magazine Article: An opinion piece or news story, sharing your view on a scientific topic. It can include interviews and profiles. 


Step-by-step process

  • Data Check 

  • Initial Review by a Junior Editor

  • Academic Review by an Academic Advisor

  • Final Review by a Senior Editor

  • Publication by the Production Team

  • Please be aware publication can take months, as the Journal is run completely by volunteers


Before you publish

  • Plagirsim is forbidden.

  • Chicago Style references only.

  • British English spelling throughout. 

  • Please use All Guides below before submitting.



The YSJ prides publishes a variety of work done by young people. We are the largest Journal of our kind, drawing in thousands of readers. If you want your work showcased, continue reading.

You must be between the ages of 12-20 at the time of submission.

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